What is your cancellation/refund policy?

As each box is made to order, we do not offer any refunds. We can accept a cancellation within 4 hours of order being placed.

How long do your Candy Cakes last?

Stored in a cool dry place, they can last up to four weeks. 

Do you offer customizations?

Custom gifting is one of our favourite things to do. Contact us today to make your gifting idea come to life.

Are you nut-free?

Although we do not have any nuts in our products, we cannot guarantee any cross contamination as we buy some of our supplies in bulk.

Are you free of any other major allergens?

Unfortunately some of the other major food allergens are in our products such as dairy, gluten, egg etc.

Where are you located?

We have pickup locations in Vaughan & Toronto, and we also offer delivery throughout the GTA or Canada (on select goods)

What is your delivery radius?

If you are ordering through our website, our radius is approx 20km from our location. If you are outside of our delivery radius we would be more than happy to look into pricing for delivery outside of our local boundaries. Please email us for delivery inquiries.

What comes inside the cake?

Our standard assorted candies, a mix of sweet and sour. If you require anything different inside it would be considered a custom order and we can assist you with placing that via email.

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