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Our sweet mini, filled with Valentine themed candy, selenite, rose quartz, amethyst, and aventurine. The box is surrounded with heart shaped marshmallows, and is wrapped in a whimsical tulle with a pink wooden mallet. 

Curated with love for love! Inside this delicious smash heart you will find a heart shaped selenite bowl, a rose quartz heart, a mini amethyst heart and a mini green aventurine heart! Selenite is a purifying stone, perfect for cleansing and charging any space, body and crystal. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, Amethyst is the stone of peace and Green Aventurine is the stone luck + abundance! United, these stones romanticize life, manifesting your hearts truest desires!

FUN FACT: Amethyst is the stone for faithful lovers as legend goes. St Valentine was known to wear a ring with an Amethyst which also has the engraving of Cupid on it.

According to the myth, Cupid, bestowed the gift of love to humans in the form of Rose Quartz.




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Allergen Info

Although most allergens are not in our products, we work in an environment where allergens may be present and cannot guarantee that there will not be any cross contamination.